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White tangle free PVC phone cord

The product is mainly used for household fixed telephone, the color is mainly black and white. Outsourcing PVC materials, the core wire is pure copper, to ensure a clear voice call.

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>The phone cord is made of pure-copper material, much better than normal iron or copper-clad-steel telephone line cord.

> For use between handset and telephone, not from telephone to wall plug The cable detangler swivel for phone cord works on RJ11 plug models of phone handset cords and handsets.

Simple and clear design specification

>The phone cord detangler rotating automatically 360 degrees to stop your coiled phone cord from becoming twisted and tangled with the phone line detangler. 

>The tangle free phone cord includes gold-plated metal contacts to ensure great sound quality.

>Mobile phone is nowadays popular call tool, but the you that has grade, also need classic and traditional family fixed telephone actually, this is your distinctive temperament.Imagine your home as warm as a castle, with a traditional landline under it, and it would look very honorable.We offer a phone line that bends freely and bounces back so you can enjoy its high-definition voice.

Elegant and honorable landline

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