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The Dragon Boat Festival


The Dragon Boat Festival is the fifth day of the fifth lunar month."Dragon Boat Festival" is one of China's national holidays and has been included in the world intangible cultural heritage list.We have a holiday from 7th-Jun to 9th-Jun.

The origin and origin of Dragon Boat Festival

The origin of Dragon Boat Festival, originated in China, is the Chinese people's disease prevention festival, wu yue land before the spring and autumn festival in the fifth lunar month in the form of dragon boat racing tribal totem worship customs;Later, because the poet qu yuan died on this day, it became a traditional festival for Chinese han people to commemorate qu yuan.Some areas also have the memorial wu zixu, cao e and so on.

What are the customs of Dragon Boat Festival

There are eating zongzi, drink realgar wine, hanging calamus, wormwood, wormwood leaves, aoxue, angelica, Dragon Boat Festival customs

Traditional customs of Dragon Boat Festival:

Dragon boat racing

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