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  • Internationally recognized certification qualifications
    Internationally recognized certification qualifications

    Since its establishment, the company has been committed to environmental protection, sustainable development and social responsibility.All our business activities are carried out within the framework of standards and norms.We have UL certification qualification, provide ROHS report, and constantly improve the process, close to SGS standard.We respect the rights and interests of employees, respect the dignity of workers, we have the lofty goal of serving customers. Over the years, the company invested a lot of capital costs, improve the quality process, through ISO certification.At the same time, the introduction of automatic production equipment, quality stability, efficiency, from the original mode of small workshop gradually to the modernization of enterprise transformation and upgrading.We pay more attention to environmental protection, energy conservation and sustainable development.All these actions are our initial intention of running an enterprise, market-oriented, customer-centered and service-oriented.

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  • Comprehensive quality assurance system is our confidence
    Comprehensive quality assurance system is our confidence

    1.The Salt Spray Test is a standardized and popular corrosion test method, used to check corrosion resistance of materials and surface coatings, especially of the metal products. 2.The Swing test for the wire, cable and a variety of products in a certain speed, angle and weight, the number of times to detect the product of the folding resistance and performance aspects. 3.Tensile Test Machine is most commonly used for obtaining the the mechanical characteristics of ultimate tensile strength, breaking strength to test the crimping terminals are tightly enough with the wires. 4.Resistance tester & electrical tester are to make the test condition at the 100% open, short circuit test, and insulation resistance 50 KΩ,On-resistance 5Ω.

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  • Team development -- a three-day tour to Mount Huang
    Team development -- a three-day tour to Mount Huang

    We are a young team, an innovative team, a warm team, a team to share.On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2018, the main members of the team made a group trip to Mount Huang to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Mount Huang in the flying snow, taking the first step of the company's mission construction.

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  • Foreign businessmen visit the factory
    Foreign businessmen visit the factory

    With the continuous development and increasing influence of the company, a well-known supplier from Germany visited our company recently and gave high recognition to our existing products and services. Our cooperation intention is very large.The customer promises that they will carefully evaluate and implement the order as soon as possible after they return to China.

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