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  • Factory Audit
    Factory Audit

    Yesterday,a group of company came to our factory for inspection. We have a set of effective and feasible quality management system is to guarantee that the products are qualified and can be shipped on time. At the same time, the production capacity and equipment of the factory and the production efficiency of employees must be considered. That is to say, we have ability to complete  order by quality and quantity. Therefore, many customers will place orders after the factory has passed the inspection.

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  • The Women's Day
    The Women's Day

    Today is Women's Day,which it is also called "International Women's Day". It is a festival for women in all countries in the world to strive for peace, equality and development. This festival is held on March 8 each year. The purpose of the festival is to celebrate women’s important contributions and great achievements in the economic, political and social fields. In our country, Some of  female employees will enjoy half a day off.Some female staff will receive gifts from their company. Some women will receive flowers from their community, and some women will receive blessings from their families. So it is a very meaningful day for women!

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  • Middle East market
    Middle East market

    Our products of Photovoltaic module connector have successfully entered to the Middle East market. We have achieved a large of orders of them. So we will be more confident to expand overseas business around the world.

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  • TIW---Triple Insulated Wire
    TIW---Triple Insulated Wire

    (1)Description and definition Triple insulated wire is a high-performance insulation wire, the wire has three insulation layer, the copper wire, is among the first layer is a golden brown polyamine thin film, the thickness of a few microns, but affordable 2 KV pulse high voltage, the 2nd is high insulation paint coating, the third layer is transparent nylon modified glass fiber layer, the total thickness of insulating layer is only 20-100 um, its advantage is high dielectric strength, between any two layer can withstand the safety of the ac 2000 voltage, electric current density.The advancement in order to reduce transformer weight and volume. (2)Scope of application: 1.This standard is applicable to high-frequency high-voltage winding wire, referred to as high-frequency wire. 2.This standard stipulates the product technical requirements, inspection rules and packaging of high-frequency wires. 3.Different insulation layer material is suitable for different occasions, such as the insulation layer is ETFE fluron resistance, due to high temperature resistance and high insulation, and is widely used in high-frequency transformers, computer power supply, mobile phone charger;Insulation layer PFA&ETFE, used in communication, transformer insulated wire and magnetic components. (3)Notes: 1. Storage and use environment.Three layers of insulated wire storage conditions is the environment temperature is 25 ~ 30 ℃, relative humidity is 5% ~ 75%, the retention period is one year.It is forbidden to store three layers of insulated wires in the environment of high temperature, high humidity, direct sunlight and dust.For three-layer insulated wires that exceed the shelf-life, the insulation breakdown voltage, withstand voltage and winding property must be re-tested before they can be used. 2. Precautions during winding.(1) three layers of insulation wire is to rely on the film to strengthen the insulation.If the film is subjected to mechanical stress or thermal stress and serious deformation, damage, umbrella safety standards can not be guaranteed.(2) transformer skeleton must not have burr, contact wire corner part to be smooth (forming chamfer).The inner diameter of the outlet nozzle shall be 2-3 times the outer diameter of the conductor.(3) cut the end of the wire is very sharp, do not close to the wire film. 3.Method of stripping the capsule.Special equipment such as three-layer insulated wire stripping machine and adjustable film stripping machine should be used to peel the film.It is characterized by melting the coating on one side and stripping on the other side, so the wire will not be damaged.If the ordinary wire stripping machine is used to remove the insulation film, the wire may be stretched thin or even broken. 4.Welding device.There are two devices for welding three layers of insulated wire.A static type soft solder groove, suitable for welding Φ 0.40 mm below the three layers of insulation.When brazing, move horizontally in the solder groo...

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