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  • Integration of 30 of the most influential companies in China's photovoltaic industry
    Integration of 30 of the most influential companies in China's photovoltaic industry

                  In 2019, the photovoltaic industry will enter a new period of integration, and the concentration of the core links of the industry chain will become higher and higher. Previous analysis of the financial reports of 75 listed photovoltaic companies in China showed that the "oligopoly effect" of the photovoltaic industry became more and more obvious. For example, the net profit of the top 10 listed photovoltaic companies accounted for 104.24% of the total of 75 enterprises, the net financing cash flow accounted for 179.50% of the total, and the net investment scale accounted for 64.04% of the total. The total cash flow accounted for 66.15% of the total, and the top ten corresponding orders accounted for 66.15% of the total. Enterprise Ranking in alphabetical order 1,GCL GROUP GCL's total installed capacity of photovoltaic power stations has ranked the second in the world, forming an integrated industrial chain with more intellectual property rights and more perfect global photovoltaic industry. 2,JINKO SOLAR In 2018, jinko, with 11.6GW of shipments and 12.8% market share, has been the world's largest component shipments for three consecutive years.Last year, jinkosolar had total revenue of more than 25 billion yuan ($3.64 billion) and annual net profit of more than 400 million yuan ($59.1 million), up 186.9 percent year on year.With a strong global layout, jinkosolar has expanded its global market share. 3,Atlas solar energy Atos now has 12,000 employees and a component capacity approaching 10GW.It has built and operated 16 factories in seven countries and regions around the world, providing 33 million kilowatts of solar photovoltaic products to more than 2,000 customers in more than 150 countries.Atos is also the world's first manufacturer of double-sided polycrystalline PERC cell modules and the world's largest developer of crystalline silicon photovoltaic power stations. 4,Longji group        On May 20, 2019, the market value of longji shares reached 87 billion yuan.In 2018, the revenue of longji shares reached 21.988 billion yuan, up 34.38% year-on-year;Net profit 2.558 billion yuan;Its annual monocrystalline silicon sheet shipments of 3.483 billion pieces, year-on-year growth of 59%;Shipments of battery components for the year reached 7.072 gigawatts, up 50% year on year.Among them, the overseas shipment of single crystal components reached 1.962 gw, up 370% over the same period last year.Not long ago, blackhawk solar interviewed the President of longji, li zhenguo, who is full of confidence in the development of clean energy, the guarantee of enterprise operation and management level, and the layout of huge production capacity.(there will be a separate black hawk story.) 5,JA SOLAR           In 2018, ja shipped 8.8GW of solar modules, taking the second place with a global market share of 9.7%.Founded in 2005 and listed on nasdaq in 2007, the company's...

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  • The Dragon Boat Festival
    The Dragon Boat Festival

    The Dragon Boat Festival is the fifth day of the fifth lunar month."Dragon Boat Festival" is one of China's national holidays and has been included in the world intangible cultural heritage list.We have a holiday from 7th-Jun to 9th-Jun. The origin and origin of Dragon Boat Festival The origin of Dragon Boat Festival, originated in China, is the Chinese people's disease prevention festival, wu yue land before the spring and autumn festival in the fifth lunar month in the form of dragon boat racing tribal totem worship customs;Later, because the poet qu yuan died on this day, it became a traditional festival for Chinese han people to commemorate qu yuan.Some areas also have the memorial wu zixu, cao e and so on. What are the customs of Dragon Boat Festival There are eating zongzi, drink realgar wine, hanging calamus, wormwood, wormwood leaves, aoxue, angelica, Dragon Boat Festival customs Traditional customs of Dragon Boat Festival: Dragon boat racing

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  • International Labour Day
    International Labour Day

    We have a holiday from 1st-May to 4th-May due to Labor Day and we will come back on 5th-May.

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  • Tomb-sweeping Day
    Tomb-sweeping Day

    We have a holiday from 4th-April to 6th-April due to Chinese Tomb-sweeping Day. The Tomb-sweeping Day is the traditional festival of our country and the most important festival of sacrifices. It is the day of worshipping the ancestors and sweeping the graves. The Tomb-sweeping Day , also known as the Green Festival, according to the solar calendar, it is between April 4th and 6th of each year, it is the time when the sun is shining and the green grass is green. It is also the spring tour of people (the ancient name is called the green) Good times, so the ancients have a clear-cut and practiced a number of sports activities.

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