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Low Voltage Garden Bright Wire Lights

outdoor lighting wire is mainly used for such as garden decoration, to create a warm and romantic atmosphere.

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>The length can be adjusted as required, 20-100ft, to facilitate field scene layout.

>It is highly waterproof wire and can be used for normal lighting in rainy days.

>High temperature and low temperature, can be between minus 50 to 200 degrees, not aging crack.

>Can be used for outdoor scenery, garden decoration, warm and romantic.

>Bulb lamp, transparent, warm light.

>The control switch can be installed to adjust the light intensity and match different scenes.

>Depending on the length of the wire, different number of bulbs can be installed, 6, 12, 24, and so on.

outdoor lighting wire

>Fixed lights are reliable and can improve security while still adding style. Low-level markers or globes pick out areas of planting. String or festoon lights are proving popular too, but require some pre-planning and depend on having an outdoor socket in a convenient location.

>Enjoy romantic moments, such as the night on the beach of Hawaii, warm and peaceful.All these are the services and solutions we are willing to provide for you.You will be in your own garden, embracing the warmth of the distant beach.Yes, we can if you want to.

outdoor lighting wire

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