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  • Honest cooperation and win-win future
    Honest cooperation and win-win future

    Changjing Electronic has ten years of professional production line experience, technology and resources, we have a wide range of market resources.Adhering to the concept of honest cooperation and win-win future, we have established a good relationship of mutual trust with our customers.In the field of industry, we have their own unique advantages, complete production equipment, advanced testing equipment, can satisfy the small quantity, many orders, especially the field of high-end wire, we are committed to PCB cables, artificial intelligence equipment, medical equipment, aerospace field, high temperature and high pressure resistance, oil resistance, waterproof, and other products, can meet various end products demand under extreme working conditions.The main customers we serve are also well-known domestic and international customers, who are in the leading or advanced positions in their respective industries, with their own brands and patents. We will, as always, pursue the quality idea of dignity and life, abide by the industry standard, provide better service for more customers and solve more problems.

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  • Successfully passed ISO9001:2015 standard
    Successfully passed ISO9001:2015 standard

    In order to better standardize the quality standard and manufacture high quality products, we have built a professional quality team, conducted scientific quality training and made breakthroughs in various quality problems.In order to ensure the stability and traceability of our product quality, the company has invited professional verification institutions, through a large number of data collation, standard formulation, long-term operation, we successfully passed ISO9001:2015 quality system certification, to protect our quality.In the future, we will be more experienced and confident in the process of implementing quality first.

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