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Photovoltaic module connector


Product Feature

(1) Housing insulation

The application environment of photovoltaic connectors is generally very harsh, from the salt-alkali land to the plateau desert and other terrains, from the hot equator to the cold high latitudes, as well as solar radiation, rain and snow and sandstorms, and the weathering of the outer casing insulation material. Performance, heat resistance, flame retardancy, mechanical properties, insulation properties and other aspects of performance are very good, in order to use 25 years, to ensure that the inside of the copper core and the outside insulation.

Photovoltaic Module Connector

(2) Seal

Inside the photovoltaic connector is the copper core of the plug-in copper core and the cable. It has no anti-corrosion function. It needs the connector to keep the copper core and the outside. The on-board connector is also together with the inverter (or controller), so To ensure the sealing function of the inverter, the sealing function of the connector is also very reliable. In addition, the sealing screws should be tightened during installation.

Photovoltaic Module Connector

(3) Contact resistance

The latest international standard IEC 62852 for photovoltaic connectors, the contact resistance of the male and female after the insertion, after the test, the increment can not be greater than 5 mΩ or the final value of the resistance is less than 150% of the initial value. Using high-quality photovoltaic connectors, the power consumed on the connector is less than one ten-thousandth of the total power of the system, and the inferior connector consumes more than 30 times the power of the high-quality connector. The root cause of the failure of the connector and the fire: in the case of flow, the increased contact resistance of the connector leads to an increase in temperature rise and beyond the temperature range that the plastic housing and metal parts can withstand. The contact resistance is mainly related to the material and size of the copper core. The connectors of different brands have different specifications. It is recommended not to mix them. At the time of installation, the male and female connectors are to be inserted in place, and the connector of the regular brand will have a sound when inserted into place.

Product details

Technical data

Environment requirement

There is no doubt that any photovoltaic system is exposed to harsh environments. This puts higher requirements on the components used in the system, such as the need for stable uv and ozone resistance, and resistance to large temperature and humidity changes.

Our solutions

Our solutions have received quality awards and have been approved by independent third-party testing bodies. We offer a wide variety of reliable wiring solutions for photovoltaic systems, from components to inverters to the grid.

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