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Our aim is the quality of the product is enterprise's life (2)


The cold pressure connection between wire and terminal is mainly based on the tensile force to determine whether the product is qualified.We have special testing instruments for tension, and we also set the tension test values according to the standard. The quality inspection department strictly follows this standard range to conduct tension test for a series of products requiring pressing process.The main quality control point of this process is the insufficient pressure. If the terminals and wire are not firmly riveted, they will fall off, and if the pressure force is over, the wire outer skin will be damaged.Therefore, we stick to the standard from the beginning to the end to test the tension force of the pressure terminals, and release the products after 100% qualified.

We have professional technical and quality assurance team, have a scientific process drawing, with strict production process, have well-trained operators, has the advanced production equipment, so mature under the premise of the hardware and software, we to the quality of our products always meticulous, problem solving and provide the best service for the customer, is our consistent goal.

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