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Xiamen Changjing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

High insulation wire, high temperature resistant wire and special wire requirements are products that our company has been proud of for many years.We have a strong mission to solve problems for our customers, and a beautiful vision of win-win cooperation.

Therefore, we have strict product testing standards and purchased advanced testing equipment.Among them, high-definition microscopes are our best weapon for detecting special wires, which we call the company's eyes.Due to the very small diameter (26awg-36awg) of the wire we produced, it is a fully automatic cutting and cutting machine. It is impossible to know whether the insulation layer of the wire is scratched or cut or not, and only under the observation of the microscope can it maintain the stability of product quality.If the insulation layer of the wire is damaged, it will not be able to withstand high pressure testing and may even be broken through on the end product.If the wire has cut mark, welding high temperature will directly cause the wire to break, if there is no break, it is also a huge hidden danger.Therefore, all of our products have been tested under the microscope and passed the inspection before being delivered to the customer.

We believe that with the guarantee of quality standards, you can surely obtain more reliable products and services, and solving your problems is our greatest achievement.

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