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Common sense about telephone lines


The telephone line is the incoming line of the telephone.It is divided into two cores and four cores.Conductor materials are divided into copper - clad steel, copper - clad aluminum and copper, copper conductor effect of the best.

White phone spiral cables

Communication engineering wiring, connection between indoor telephone communication cable systems, trunk lines between voice communication systems, program-controlled switches, telephones, facsimile and digital telephones.

The common specifications of telephone cord is two-core and four-core, with wire diameters of 0.4 and 0.5 respectively, and 0.8 and 1.0 in some areas.In addition to the two cores and four cores, there are four, six, eight and ten cores.General families if it is now local phone use mode, 2 core enough to use.If the company or part of the group telephone use, considering the telephone broadband use needs, it is recommended to use a 4-core telephone line is better, if the use of a digital phone, it is recommended to use a 6-core telephone line.

RJ11 telephone lines

Common materials (conductors) are:

1. Copper clad steel

This kind of wire is hard, not suitable for external pulling, easy to break the core.But burying it in the wall will do.And can only be used for close use, (such as the corridor junction box to the user)

2, copper clad aluminum

This kind of thread is soft and breaks the core easily.It can be buried in the wall, or it can be pulled out of the wall.And can only be used for close use, (such as the corridor junction box to the user)

3, all copper

This kind of thread is soft and can be buried in the wall or pulled out of the wall.Can be used for long distance transmission.

Black spiral telephone cable

How to pick and choose?

1. The listed brands are trustworthy and the product quality is guaranteed.

2. The conductor adopts imported high-purity oxygen-free copper telephone line, which has low transmission attenuation, low signal loss, clear and noise-free sound quality and no sense of distance for telephone calls.

3. The sheath adopts high-grade transparent phone line with external material, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, anti-aging and long service life.

4. The telephone wire with transparent sheath material has good mechanical and physical properties, electrical properties and thermal stability, and the content of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium and heavy metal compounds is extremely low.

5, using imported polypropylene telephone line, high purity, transmission attenuation lower, higher transmission speed, suitable for broadband Internet access, can achieve the high transmission speed requirements of video phone.

France head phone cable

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