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  • Multifunctional cables for driver assistance systems
    According to polls,vehicle safety is motorist’s top priority.Assistance systems interfere semi-autonomous or warm the driver of critical situation.Traction control,electronic stability control,collision warm and protect system or lane depature warning.The variety of driver assistance systems has the consequence that more and more cables are required for singal transmission.It also applies to parki...
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  • 8core spiral and straight cable with M12 male connector
    8core spiral cable with M12 male connector& 8 core straight cable with M12 male connector Product Details Model Number:M12 male female cableBrand Name:Oseisy Origin:China (mainland) Key Specifications/Special Features: M12 circular connector according to IEC 61076-2-101 Indus connector M12 circular connector with M12*1.0 screw locking equivalent to Binder, Phoenix, Lumburger automation Waterpr...
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  • Automobile Cable
    Automobile cable/automobile control cable/car control cable Insulation Material: Transparent PVC or Soft PVC, or matte finished PVC Conductor Material: Oxygen free copper,  Tinned Copper, CCA, Tinned CCA Color: Different colors are available Specifications: AWG 0GA 2GA 4GA 6GA 8GA 10GA 12GA 14GA 16GA Cross-section(mm2) 44.87 27.69 17.72 11.08 6.96 4.43 2.77 1.82 1.11 Strands 3969 2450 1568 98...
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  • Photovoltaic module connector
    Product Feature (1) Housing insulation The application environment of photovoltaic connectors is generally very harsh, from the salt-alkali land to the plateau desert and other terrains, from the hot equator to the cold high latitudes, as well as solar radiation, rain and snow and sandstorms, and the weathering of the outer casing insulation material. Performance, heat resistance, flame retardancy...
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  • Expert in cable production
    Today, electrical products more and more in our life, in order to better use electricity, to the requirement of the wire is also rising, and at the same time in order to ensure the security of home life, when decorate must choose the quality of wire and cable, although at present our country cable technology already quite mature, but for many, the product knowledge is still a stranger Let's talk a...
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  • The spiral cables
    It's called a spring cable, a spiral cable, a flex cable, a curve and it's a connection line that works with scalability. It is generally made by winding TPR / TPU / TPE / PVC cables. And use more PU / TPU, PU / TPU thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) elastomer, polymer is avirulent environmental protection, is unmatched by other plastic material of high strength, good toughness, wear-resisting, cold...
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  • What types of cables are used in industrial settings?
    Xiamen Changjing Electronic Technology CO., LTD. founded in 2008, is a company specializing in the production of domestic power cable, control cable, full range of low voltage cables, computer cables, rubber sets of cables, control SYV coaxial cable, shielded cable, flame retardant, refractory and other special cable 20 categories, more than 5000 kinds of specifications, widely used in electric po...
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  • Common sense about telephone lines
    The telephone line is the incoming line of the telephone.It is divided into two cores and four cores.Conductor materials are divided into copper - clad steel, copper - clad aluminum and copper, copper conductor effect of the best. Communication engineering wiring, connection between indoor telephone communication cable systems, trunk lines between voice communication systems, program-controlled sw...
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  • About the types of network cables,distinction and related common knowledge
    Network cable is a common wire in our daily life, generally used network cable has five categories, super five categories, six categories, super six categories and seven categories of network cable. So many kinds of network cable, how should we go distinguishing? Now let us introduce the types of network cables and their differences. 1.CAT1: mainly used for voice transmission (class a standard is ...
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