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Xiamen Changjing electronic technology co., LTD. founded in 2009, is located in beautiful Xiamen, with about 50 employees and an area of 2,000 square meters. In the past decade, we are committed to electronic wire and the wire rod production and sales of accessories, products widely used in communications equipment, household appliances, automation equipment, security equipment, such as cars, we long for the domestic many enterprises to provide quality products and services, such as Hualian electronic,San'an Optoelectronics, ZTC Technology,and so on. As an enterprise with many years of experience and expertise in wire production, we have 2 extruders, 2 automatic wire cutting machines, 1 all-in-one machine, 10 injection molding machines and 10 terminal machines. We faithfully observe the management principles of "quality first", "continuous improvement" and "brand first", and have successfully passed the ISO quality management system certification. We are confident in our commitment to all customers: the most perfect quality, the most favorable price, the most thoughtful service.
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International Labour Day



International Labour Day

We have a holiday from 1st-May to 4th-May due to Labor Day and we will come back on 5th-May.

Tomb-sweeping Day



Tomb-sweeping Day

We have a holiday from 4th-April to 6th-April due to Chinese Tomb-sweeping Day. The Tomb-sweeping Day is the traditional festival of our country and the most important festival of sacrifices. It is the day of worshipping the ancestors and sweeping the graves. The Tomb-sweeping Day , also known as the Green Festival, according to the solar calendar, it is between April 4th and 6th of each year, it is the time when the sun is shining and the green grass is green. It is also the spring tour of people (the ancient name is called the green) Good times, so the ancients have a clear-cut and practiced a number of sports activities.

Factory Audit



Factory Audit

Yesterday,a group of company came to our factory for inspection. We have a set of effective and feasible quality management system is to guarantee that the products are qualified and can be shipped on time. At the same time, the production capacity and equipment of the factory and the production efficiency of employees must be considered. That is to say, we have ability to complete  order by quality and quantity. Therefore, many customers will place orders after the factory has passed the inspection.

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